Welcome to the VTMOOSES Whirlygig Gallery

Click on the pictures or titles below to view a short, 1MB Windows Media Player video (.wmv) of the whirlygigs in action.

"So Sew"
  So Sew is actually the first crankshaft or camshaft whirlygig I've made and took some trial and error. It has the following:
   a. The vane comprised of a clothes line with a quilt showing the pinwheel or whirlygig pattern. This turns it into the wind.
   b. The quilter figure sitting at her sewing machine. I made this one up.
   c. The propeller which sports three quilt block patterns, the pinwheel, 9 patch, and one I made up.

"Measure Twice Cut Once"
  This quilter is holding a ruler and is wielding her rotary cutter with abandon. When the propeller turns counter clockwise it says Measure Once Cut Twice, but when it rotates clockwise it says Measure Twice Cut Once...that's the ticket!

"Sailboats 2"
  These boats tack, their booms shift, and they lean when the sails fill with wind since they are hinged by their keels.  The dolphins at the base of the keel help counterweight the sail.  This is an example of a horizontal whirlygig.

"Once In A Blue Moose"
  These colorful mooses gleefully leap over the full moon.  Doesn't happen very often.  Cows got nothing on them!  This is an example of making the subject part of the propeller, or vice versa.

The Great Waldo Piecer

     Intrepid pilot Waldo Piecer, with pink scarf flying, speards the word about the quilt show today.